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Consumerus authoritative guide to finding a reputable window cleaning company.

Window Cleaning Services

When you are looking to hire a reputable commercial or residential window washing service, in addition to cleaning your windows, they may offer additional cleaning extras. Additional cleaning extras will vary from window cleaning service to cleaning service however there are some standard cleaning extras we think you should look for.

Once cleaning extra that a reputable service may offer is chandelier cleaning. Properly cleaning your chandelier is a daunting task, especially if you have an expensive fixture. Chandeliers are often hung in hard to reach foyers or second story ceilings. Commercial buildings have chandeliers hung in very high areas, so when light bulbs burn out or dust gathers, it's time to call in the experts.

Additional Window Cleaning Services

Hand washing and cleaning interior and exterior light fixtures is an additional cleaning extra that some window cleaning services will offer. Similar to chandeliers, light fixtures can be tricky to reach and intricate to clean. This process is best left to window washing professionals who will help restore your light fixtures to as good as new. Be sure to ask them to change your light bulbs while they are at it! There's nothing worse than a beautifully clean fixture with a burnt out bulb.

Have you ever tried to clean the skylights in your home? This dangerous task is definitely one to leave to window washing professionals. Skylights take the brunt of Mother Nature, do yourself a favor and see how beautiful they can be by having them professionally cleaned.

One other additional cleaning extra that is nice to leave to the professionals is your home or businesses mirrors! There is nothing as nice as a picture perfect mirror. Ask your window cleaning service to professionally clean your mirrors and admire the spotless reflection.

Trusting additional cleaning extras to your window cleaning professionals will be money well spent! Contact Window Cleaning Force for more information about typical window cleaning extras or for more information about our services.

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