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Chandelier Cleaning Services

Have you ever tried to clean your chandelier? Chandelier cleaning is really an art if done properly. This detailed job should be performed with care and concern, patience and know-how by a professional residential or commercial window washing company.

Chandeliers must first be dusted and should be hand washed with a mild detergent, rinsed with clean warm water and thoroughly dried, piece by piece. If your chandelier has wrought iron, brass, chrome or porcelain, these surfaces must be dusted and polished with special cleaning materials that are specifically made for cleaning that particular surface.

Cleaning Chandeliers

Effectively cleaning a chandelier is time consuming and delicate work. Considering the important role they play in greeting your guests, welcoming people to your home and lighting your way, it is a good idea to have residential window washing experts clean them from time to time.

When cleaning chandeliers it is important to swap out any burnt out light bulbs and replace bulbs that may be getting old. In addition to switching out bulbs, it is also important to take out each bulb and dust and clean the bulb.

Chandelier Cleaning Companies

Special ladders or scaffolding may be needed to properly access chandeliers hung in hard to reach places. It is important to make sure that you have all of your cleaning materials and glass cleaning solutions with you when you start the cleaning process.

If possible, try to clean the chandelier where it is hung to avoid dismantling and unwiring the chandelier. Do not pull or hang on the chandelier when cleaning and always use gentle and carful cleaning methods to do the best job possible.

Chandelier cleaning is one of the additional cleaning extras most reputable window washing companies offer their valuable clients. Be sure to ask for a free price quote before agreeing to this cleaning extra.

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