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Green Window Cleaning Services

You will be amazed at how clean you can get your windows with simple natural cleaning ingredients rather than using harsh chemicals. Simple products from your home's cupboards can make the very best residential window washing solutions.

Here is one of the most commonly used and effective green window washing recipes for home green cleaning use: Combine 1/4 cup vinegar, about 1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. This solution can be doubled and kept in a cool, dry place and be used time after time. The addition of liquid soap to your cleaning solution will help break down and remove any build up or greasy residue left on your windows for commercial cleaning products.

Green Window Washing Companies

The most cost effective and green cleaning tools to use for home green cleaning is a window squeegee and a reusable microfiber cloth. Squeegee techniques are the best way to ensure a streak free shine every time. Never use paper towels or linty cotton clothes, as fabric particles will stick to the damp, porous window surface.

If you still receive a newspaper to your home, newspaper is a good way to wipe away your green cleaning solution. Be sure to let the newspaper dry and stick it in the recycle bin.

Commercial window washing companies often use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products that are earth friendly and very effective. They are sure to never over use water or any other products, but usually are very efficient at getting the job done right.

It's not hard to be a smart consumer and choose green window washing for your window cleaning needs. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, next time your windows need cleaning, try a green window washing method or service; you will be thrilled with the sparkling results!

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