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Mirror Cleaning Services

It is a lovely thing to look into a beautifully clean, picture perfect mirror. Mirrors can add such beauty and space to a room. Used as an important decorative feature in many rooms in your home, mirrors can show a beautiful reflection or if not properly cleaned by a residential or commercial window washing professional, mirrors can become a streaky, dusty mess.

You will be amazed at how wonderful your mirrors will look when professionally cleaned. Most window washing services will offer mirror cleaning as an additional cleaning extra. If you need help cleaning the mirrors in your home, don't hesitate to ask for this handy service.

Cleaning Mirrors

Sometimes mirrors are hung in hard to reach places or are simply no fun to clean. Often time's people think they can clean their mirrors themselves only to discover a cloudy residue or streaks when the sunlight or lamp light hits just right.

Like windows, there are a few tricks to properly cleaning mirrors. It is always a good idea to start at the top left corner and work your way straight down, from top to bottom. Cleaning your mirrors with squeegee techniques will result in a streak free, brilliant refection. Using a microfiber cloth is another good idea for streak free mirror cleaning.

Mirror Cleaning Companies

Mirrors can stain if they are not properly cleaned. Stickers or adhesives should not be stuck on your mirrors. If you do have sticker glue or a sticky build up on your mirror, window scrapers are one way to remove it. It is a good idea to dampen the glue or sticker with warm soapy water for easiest removal. Sometimes finger nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol will help take off stuck on messes.

Be sure to contact Window Cleaning Force to find window cleaning professionals who offer this valuable cleaning extra. You will notice the difference immediately if you treat yourself and your home to a professional mirror cleaning treatment!

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