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Skylight Cleaning Services

Do you love the light that streams in from your home or businesses skylight? Have you ever gotten up close to see how dirty that skylight actually can become? Mother Nature wreaks havoc on your rooftop and in doing so, she also takes her toll on your skylights.

Skylight cleaning is best to be left to professional residential and commercial window washing services. Skylights are durable, but do need attention and should be cleaned regularly to maintain their integrity and beauty. Hard water spots, mineral buildup, bird droppings, sticks, pine straw, leaves, tree sap and roofing shingle particles are just a few of the things that settle and scratch your skylights.

Cleaning Skylights

Skylights should first be blown off to remove all of the debris that settles on top and in the joints or sides of your skylights. Once the area around the skylight is clutter free, the skylight can be cleaned by commercial or residential window washing experts.

To remove the grit, grime and build up, a soapy solution must be applied and gently washed off. Some skylights may require pressure washing to remove set in stains or stuck on muck. A trained professional is careful not to damage the integrity of the skylights seal when washing or pressure washing the area. A professional grade window scraper may be needed to remove some of the stuck on residue that builds up on many skylights.

Skylight Cleaning Companies

Once properly washed and expertly cleaned, the skylight will be topped off with a window squeegee cleaning method for a streak free shine. You can ask your cleaning professional to check on the caulking and seal around your skylight to ensure no leaks or breakdown in your roofing system. If there has been permanent staining to your skylight, many professional window cleaners can apply a solution to lighten or dissolve the stain.

Contact Window Cleaning Force today and ask one of our reputable window cleaning companies about this additional cleaning extra and let the sun shine bright through your brilliantly clean skylight.

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