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Streak Free Window Cleaning

To get a perfect shine every time you clean your glass surfaces or windows, here are a few window washing tips for streak free cleaning. Streak free cleaning can be achieved easily if you use the proper tools for glass cleaning. Purchasing a professionally made window squeegee is a smart investment if crystal clear windows are important to you!

Window squeegees will be your window's best friend, and will help make your job easy and effortless. You can clean windows, mirrors and glass tables or shelves like a pro with a simple glass cleaning solution and squeegee techniques!

No Streak Glass Cleaning Experts

If cleaning windows or area's in your home where sun light shines through, it is very important to perform your residential window washing on a cloudy day or at night. Sunlight makes your cleaning solution evaporate too fast, leaving spots, streaks and a cloudy residue. Direct sunlight will be the true test to streak free cleaning as sunlight hides no imperfections! If you have left drips, streaks, residual dirt or cleaner on your glass, direct sunlight will reveal it all!

It is important to wipe the blade of your window squeegee after each pass for streak free cleaning. Wipe the squeegee blade each time you pick it up off the glass surface to help avoid drips. Be sure to use a lint free, soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, to wipe your squeegee often, to keep it dry and clean.

Best Streak Free Window Cleaners

If you decided to clean both the interior and exterior of your windows or glass surfaces, be sure to use directional cleaning strokes that are different on the opposite surface. For instance, clean interior windows side to side and exterior windows up and down. When you use directional cleaning it will be easy to detect which side of the glass the streak is left upon.

So, in a nutshell, clean on a cloudy day, purchase a window squeegee and microfiber cloth and lastly use directional cleaning strokes to help ensure a streak-free shine each time you clean!

Should you need additional information on streak free window cleaning or help with finding a window cleaning company that offers a streak free promise, contact Window Cleaning Force today.

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