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Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks

When it comes to effective window washing, the first thing you must know is that window washing is 90% equipment and 10% elbow grease! Making sure you have the proper tools will be the biggest advantage if you want picture perfect windows.

There are many store brand window cleaning products available for purchase. The best solution to clean your windows is a simple solution of water, white vinegar and a dash of dish soap. Click on our green window cleaning tab for the exact recipe. This miracle mixture can get even the dirtiest of windows dazzling clean!

Window Washing Tricks & Methods

For streak free cleaning of your windows, make sure it isn't during the hottest part of the day. Direct sun light can evaporate the cleaning solution too quickly and make streaks or leave a cloudy film. It is best to clean your windows when the sun is not directly hitting the window, so perhaps wait for a cloudy or overcast day. It's a good idea to clean interior windows with an up and down motion and exterior windows, side to side. By always keeping the same cleaning motion, you will be able to easily identify where the streaks may be coming from.

If using a towel or cloth to dry or wipe your windows, we recommend using a microfiber cloth only. Microfiber is a great cleaning resource, and in addition to effectively cleaning windows, microfiber can safely and effectively clean most surfaces in your home.

The best tip or trick to know about window cleaning is using squeegee techniques to remove your cleaning solution. Easy, directional swipes of the squeegee can leave a crystal clear shine. Be sure to wipe the squeegee blade after every pass to avoid drips.

If your windows are extremely dirty, you may want to wash them with soft sponge soaked in the solution mentioned above. Gently wash each window, and remove the solution with a window squeegee. For day to day general window cleaning, simply spraying the solution on the window should do the trick!

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Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks | Window Washing Tricks & Methods